Graphing Functions

To graph a function, first create a graph window by pressing ⌘-g. Then press the + button in the Functions window to bring up the Add Function menu:


Then click a function type to graph.

Let’s graph the 2D function sin(x):


Here’s a 2D parametric equation, x = sin(t), y = cos(t). Press control-g to bring up the grid.


The 3D equation f(x, y) = x * y:


The 3D parametric equation: x = sin(t) * 4, y = cos(t) * 4, z = t / 10.


Switching Between 2D and 3D Modes

Double-click on a 2D function to switch the grapher to 2D mode, and double-click a 3D function to switch the grapher to 3D mode.